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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Pravex-Bank announces new loyalty program


Pravex-Bank of Ukraine said Wednesday that clients can take advantage of its new loyalty program called PRAVEX-Spring. 

This program allows bank customers to increase savings interest by adding deposits in a cumulative basis. Accounts that hold a weekly average of approximately $2,386 will have interest added at 15 percent and those with more than approximately $19,094 will have 17 percent interest added on their deposits.

"According to our research, particularly popular among customers is the Pravex-Record (cumulative account)," Deputy Pravex-Bank Chairman Semion Babaev said. "Therefore, under the new loyalty program, PRAVEX-Spring, privileges granted to investors who chose this product for many years and trust us to ensure that their cash savings (increase on a weekly basis)."

Pravex-Bank is considered to be one of the safest banks in Ukraine with its safety and guarantee programs and levels of transparency of all deposits that clients make into their accounts.