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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Indian firms poised to join solar energy ventures in Belarus

Indian Ambassador to Belarus Manoj Kumar Bharti said on Wednesday that Indian companies are prepared to join solar energy projects in Belarus.

Barti said the solar energy field is a very promising area for cooperation, as are the potash industry, pharmaceuticals and the dairy industry.

"India is not eyeing a share in Belaruskali, however, cooperation in the potash industry will continue," Barti said. "Our bilateral trade largely depends on certain commodities. These are potash fertilizers from Belarus and pharmaceuticals from India. However, the year 2013 witnessed turmoil on the potash market and the supplies of Belarusian potash fertilizers to India shrank. Naturally, this affected the bilateral trade".

India signs yearly contracts to purchase Belarusian potash fertilizers.

Barti added that India and Belarus consistently offer each other new commodities, with BelAZ trucks expected to be sold in India and the export of major products pushing bilateral trade upward.