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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Unibank expands clientele with new client interaction system, enhanced service

Azerbaijan's Unibank reported more than 250,000 clients as of Aug. 1, increasing its total by 45 percent compared to 2013.

Unibank cited its expanded range of provided services, enhanced banking technologies and service speed, as well as the implementation of a new client interaction system and a high level of trust towards the bank as the main reasons for its growth.

The Unibank branch network consists of 46 service points as well as a head office, with branches providing customers with a wide range of banking services, including depositary placement of monetary means, issuing and service of banking cards, UNISTREAM money transfers, crediting, cash management services and receiving utilities.

To improve customer service and optimize branch performance, Unibank's branches use a "single window" principle for customer service that allows patrons to register loans, deposits and bank cards, as well as money transfers and utilities, with a single bank employee rather than applying to an additional cashier or other service manager.

The "single window" system has allowed Unibank to substantially increase its customer service speed and work efficiency.