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Friday, November 16, 2018

Kazatomprom: Kazakhstan plans to remain world uranium leader

Kazatomprom Chairman Vladimir Shkolnik and Deputy Regional Governor of Kyzlorda Galym Amreyev met recently to discuss developments in Kazakhstan's nuclear industry.The meeting in the village of Shieli Priaralie came as Kazakhstan's share in world uranium production over the past year reached 38 percent, The Astana Times reports."I'd like to note that the company finished 2013 successfully and all desired indicators of the physical volume of production were met," Shkolnik said, according to The Astana Times.

Shkolnik said there are several complicating factors in the uranium industry, particularly in regards to the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.

Still, Kazatprom finished last year with a profit of $163 million and said it hopes to remain dominant in the market, The Astana Times reports.

"The first task is the development of the full nuclear fuel cycle," Shkolnik said, according to The Astana Times. "In the past year, we became co-owners of a uranium enrichment plant. Our product, enriched uranium, was exported to foreign markets and the company profited."

Kazatprom also has plans to join with French and Chinese partners to take part in the construction of a plant for heat-transmitting assemblies for use in the nuclear industry."