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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Japan expresses support for Kazakhstan's KazAID agency

Japan has recently expressed strong support for Kazakhstan's newly created Agency for International Development--KazAID--established last year.

Japan has also been increasing its investment in Kazakhstan, most recently with the launch of a production line of Toyota Fortuners in Kostanai, The Astana Times reports.

Japanese Ambassador to Kazakhstan Masayoshi Kamohara, who assumed office in Astana in November, told the newspaper that Japan's Silk Road diplomatic policy for Central Asia was first developed in 1997.

"Since then, the Central Asian region has taken an independent position in our foreign policy. Japan has been developing good bilateral relations with each country of the region and trying to encourage regional cooperation among our new partners," Kamohara said, according to The Astana Times.

As for his impressions of Kazakhstan, Kamohara said he was optimistic for its future economic development.

"Kazakhstan is a very interesting county," Kamohara said, The Astana Times reports. "I had no experience in the past in a society with nomadic and Islamic traditions. It is a young state with long history. It is always interesting for a diplomat working in a quickly-developing country."