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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Moldovan PM discusses assistance to help manufacturers enter European markets

Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca recently discussed how the country could aid manufacturers in entering the European market during a trip to two factories in the Chisinau municipality.

Leanca, speaking to the heads of the Silver Bird poultry factory and the Rogob sausage and meat factory, was accompanied by Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Vasile Bumacov and Director General of the National Agency for Food Safety Ion Sula, according to a press release.

Entering the European market would allow producers to increase their incomes while modernizing the production process and contributing to overall improvement of products.

"The implementation of European standards means not only to ensure quality for the western consumer, but also for the Moldovan consumer," Leanca said. "The European Union has a huge sales market, with clear rules, and the trade rules do not change over the night. European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy Tonio Borg is to visit us in a week. This will be a decisive visit, within which we will be able to set certain prospects, so that the Moldovan eggs, meat and sausages access the European market, to a certain extent."

Silver Bird, which currently offers its products only to the local market and produces 65,000 eggs per day, is under restructuring and modernization measures to comply with European Union requirements.

Mikhail Scutaru, the head of Silver Bird, said the business could expand if it were allowed to report to the European Union market.

Rogob head Igor Rosca added that being added to the European market would allow his factory, one of the three biggest producers of meat and sausages in Moldova, greater ability to expand.

"The production process is at the highest level," Rosca said. "The European quality standards had been already observed, being implemented the most advanced technologies. The factory might bring higher profit, but the Moldovan market is too small."