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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Eurasian Development Bank to host conference on Eurasian integration

The Eurasian Development Bank announced on Wednesday that it will hold the ninth International Conference on Eurasian Integration in Moscow on Oct. 9.

Among those invited to attend are the heads of authorities of the Customs Union and Single Economic Space countries, the Eurasian Economic Commission, representatives of CIS businesses and academia and foreign experts.

The aim of the conference will be to find ways to further advance Eurasian integrations under the Agreement on the Establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union, which is set to start operating on Jan. 1.

Participants will discuss cooperation in key sectors of the economy, creating common transport and energy infrastructure, uniform technical rules and regulations and the harmonization of the labor market and educational systems.

The preliminary program includes sections on areas such as non-tariff barriers, the coordination of mechanisms for energy conservation and prospects for infrastructure development.

The conference program and other related information will be available on

The EDB was founded by Russia and Kazakhstan in January 2006 to help the development of market economies, sustainable growth and the expansion of trade and other ties among member states.