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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Ukraine's central bank predicts one-two percent GDP growth in 2015

Ukrainian GDP growth for 2015 is expected to be between one and two percent, according to a recent National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) report.

The predicted GDP growth was predicted via video teleconference by NBU head Valeria Hontareva during "The European Vector of Ukraine: The Impact on Business" conference in London last week, UkrInform reports.

"Despite the difficult situation in the east of the country, the economy of Ukraine demonstrates a sufficient level of resistance to shock events," Hontareva said, according to UkrInform. "Already next year we expect the resumption of GDP growth at one-two percent."

Hontareva said economic growth remains possible as a result of a better investment climate, improved price competitiveness and structural change in the economy.