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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Belarus, South Korea to collaborate on attractions

Vladimir Tsumarev, the mayor of the Belarusian city of Mogilev, and the mayor of the South Korean city of Pocheon, Seo Jan Won, signed a memorandum of cooperation in Belarus last week, signaling potential investments in sports arenas and attractions.

Members of the Korean delegation accompanying Jan Won suggested investment in the construction of a water park and a football arena. Tsumarev expressed interest in Korean foreign direct investment in the construction of housing and the modernization of industrial enterprises.

"There are no spheres of cooperation of no interest for us," Jan Won said. "However, at present we are most attracted by cultural and educational exchange. Still after examining the economic potential of your city we will work out ways of interaction in the sphere of investment, too."

The two sides began cooperating in August 2004, when Korean delegates first visited Mogilev.

The following year, another Korean delegation arrived to familiarize themselves with the city's industrial potential and take part in negotiations on further cooperation in a number of areas.

That visit resulted in the signing of the protocol of intent to promote friendly ties between the two cities.