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Saturday, January 20, 2018

IT companies descend on Yerevan for DigiTec forum

More than five dozen IT companies attended the DigiTec Business Forum in the Armenian capital of Yerevan last week.

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan welcomed the participants and said that the IT sector is crucial to the Armenian economy.

"Information technology and telecommunications have become the fastest growing sectors of Armenia's economy, leading to enhanced productivity, technological innovation and the emergence of a knowledge-based economy," Abrahamyan said. "Our achievements in the IT sector inspire confidence that in the near future Armenia may become a leading country in the region."

Among the 13 foreign companies taking part in the forum was Russia's ARinteg, which participated for the first time. The Armenian-Russian and Armenian-Dutch business conferences were held on the sidelines of the forum.

Abrahamyan said the new government would do everything possible to help IT industry develop.

"The government is going to provide practical assistance to this industry, which is of paramount importance to our country's economy."

Additionally, Abrahamyan also said the government would work to assist small- and medium-sized businesses.

"We have undertaken to grant benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises, with a relevant bill being discussed at the National Assembly," Abrahamyan said. "The projected steps are meant to prevent major businesses from working in the shade: our goal is to make all of them work in the tax field."