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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kazakhstan begins accepting applications for affordable housing

Kazakhstan's Affordable Housing 2020 program began accepting applications this week at the Centres for Population Services (CPS).

In order to apply for housing, families must have children who are at least two years old and be headed by spouses or a single parent no older than 29, The Astana Times reports.

"The selection will be made based on a point system," Ruslan Akhmetov, the deputy head of the housing department, said, according to The Astana Times. "It allows for 20 points to be accrued for the first child and 30 points for each subsequent child. The commission will consider applicants' right to property ownership in Kazakhstan and any foreclosures that they may have experienced during the past five years."

The housing department will also give 10 points for each disabled or chronically ill family member, five points for applicants not included on the housing list in previous government selections, 10 points for each spouse who was orphaned and people under 29 who lost their parents before reaching adulthood.

This year, 672 families will reportedly receive new apartments under the program, which was established in 2012, The Astana Times reports.

The housing legislation calls for the demolition of dilapidated housing and the construction of new housing, including 12,000 apartments, 4,070 of which will replace what was demolished. Kazakhstan's CPS system will begin accepting applications on June 14.