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Friday, August 23, 2019

World Bank strategy for Georgia to eliminate poverty

The World Bank Group recently proposed a new partnership strategy for Georgia which will be implemented through 2017 to reduce poverty and to promote collaboration and coordination among development partners in the country.

The strategy involves cooperation with government officials, civil society organizations, development partners and other stakeholders.

The program will work to offer more inclusion for citizens through the better use of public resources and through the growth of income opportunities. It will also require a strong and sustainable macroeconomic framework, improved gender equality and improved infrastructure and services.

Additionally, governance will need to be strengthened at the local and central levels, according to the World Bank Group.

The new strategy is the result of collaboration with civic representatives, businesses, donor partners and government officials in various areas.

The World Bank Group has been working with Georgia since 1992. It currently has seven active investments in the country totaling $540 million.