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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Azerbaijan to build Boyuk Zira into Azerbaijani Pearl

Azerbaijan will transform the island of Boyuk Zira into an attraction called "Azerbaijani Pearl," according to a recent meeting between officials and the Architects Union.

Boyuk Zira is the largest island of the Baku Archipelago, AzerNews reports.

According to architect Rasim Babakishiyev, the island will feature traditional elements that will give visitors the chance to learn about Azerbaijan's history and culture.

The site will be home to the Caravanserai Hotel, which will be built in Azerbaijani national style. Babakishiyev said the hotel will make visitors feel like they are in the Middle Ages, according to AzerNews.

The island will also feature mosques, churches and synagogues and an event center with a 3,500-person capacity. The island will prohibit the use of automobiles running on gasoline. Visitors can reach the island using ferry's departing from the villages of Azneft and Zig.

The name Boyuk Zira comes from the arabic words for "big" and "island," AzerNews reports.