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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mogotex expands dealer network after visit to Turkmenistan

Mogotex made the decision to expand on its dealer network late last month after a delegation from the company visited Turkmenistan.

The delegation was invited to the country by Belorussian Ambassador to Turkmenistan Oleg Tabanyuhov, who pointed to a need for high-tech textile products in the country.

While at the meeting, the Mogotex delegation met with Babaniyaz Italmazov, the deputy chairman of Turkmenistan's cabinet, who said cooperation between the parties would increase bilateral trade.

Representatives from Turkmenistan voiced interest in Mogotex products like fire proximity suits, protective fabrics, special gear and flame-resistant clothing.

The invitation to Turkmenistan also offered the company the opportunity to meet with others in the industry, which resulted in an agreement to make military uniforms and special-purpose garments from Belorussian fabric in Ashgabat.