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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Belorusneft to double solar-powered filling stations in 2014

Belorusneft announced on Friday that it will be doubling the number of filling stations it has running on solar power by the end of 2014.

Belorusneft is the biggest oil product retailer in Belarus. The development will put one solar-powered forecourt in each of the country's eight oblasts.

The company introduced its latest solar-powered facility in Lepel in late March. The station generates power using a 10 kilowatt photovoltaic power plant which includes 40 solar panels on the roof. The station generates power even in cloudy conditions, though in a smaller amount.

Belorusneft will upgrade 15 forecourts it 2014. There are also plans to build 18 more filling stations. The company modernized six facilities last year.

Belorusneft was founded in 1966. The company specializes in the surveying, prospecting and development of oil fields, well drilling, oil extraction and associated petroleum extraction in such countries as Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Venezuela.