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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Credit Rating confirms highest credibility for deposits with FUIB

First Ukrainian International Bank announced the results on Friday of an action taken by Ukraine's Credit Rating agency on bank deposit ratings that were previously issued to the country's banks.

The agency confirmed the highest deposit strength rating, or grade five, for FUIB. The rating indicates that the bank is strong with minor vulnerability to negative commercial, financial and economic factors.

The deposits with FUIB are more reliable than deposits with other banks in Ukraine, according to the applied special-purpose rating scale.

FUIB is a universal bank delivering a wide range of banking services to individuals and corporate bodies. It is among Ukraine's top 10 banks by financials.

FUIB and its partner banks launched Radius in 2006, a brand for a joint ATM network. The network now includes 39 partner banks and more than 4000 ATMs throughout Ukraine.