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Monday, August 19, 2019

CCI discusses independent review of government orders

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation met on Wednesday to discuss the organization of review for the purpose of government or municipal orders according to the new law 44-FZ.

Sergey Katyrin, the president of CCI, chaired the presidium of the CCI's management board. The meeting featured a report from Alexander Yastrib, the first deputy president and chairman of the management board of the Bank of Moscow and the head of the CCI procurement system development committee.

Yastrib spoke on the importance of independent reviews of government and municipal orders to evaluate whether contracts would protect parties from such conditions as market volatility or low quality design.

"Independent review shall take place at all stages of fulfillment of government orders," Yastrib said. "In the course of performance of a contract, conditions should be created when customers would engage independent experts to confirm their costs, as well as whenever any dispute arises between the customer and the contractor."

Yastrib and other participants said the CCI's role as an independent expert to enforce law 44-FZ should be strengthened.

"I believe that CCI RF as a major forum that can protect the interests of both parties to a transaction should play the key role," Yastrib said.