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Friday, October 19, 2018

FUIB updates line of banking service packages

First Ukrainian International Bank announced on Wednesday that it is offering customers an updated line of banking services that come in three different packages.

The three new packages, regular, strong and with cream, were formed in line with the latest market requirements based on common coffee products. FUIB updated its previous set of separate packages of services, which included starting, basic, classic, comfortable and platinum. It began offering the separate packages to customers in January 2011.

The regular package is like an espresso, consisting of the most essential products and services for customers who need quick and easy access to their money. This package includes discounts and bonuses from the bank's Star Club loyalty program.

The strong package contains a double portion of progressive banking services for individuals who need quick and convenient finance management. The package includes SMS banking, special terms for cash desk services and the potential to order an insurance policy and cards with extra security.

The with cream package offers the widest range of functions, including special discounts and bonuses available to gold card holders. The package includes a concierge service, medical insurance for travelers and fee-free cash withdrawal from ATMs at any bank in Ukraine twice monthly.