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Friday, August 23, 2019

Uzbekistan issues new draft law on e-commerce

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan announced on Monday that it developed a new draft law on electronic commerce.

The main goal of the law, which is called "On Electronic Commerce," is to create favorable conditions for the effective functioning of e-commerce and establish legal mechanisms for the protection of citizens.

The new draft law cancels the mandatory requirement for a digital signature on an electronic document for individuals involved in e-commerce and allows the use of a one-time signature identifier. It also expands the composition of information brokers who provide e-commerce users with services for conducting electronic transactions. Information brokers include operators of telecommunications networks, paying agents and individuals engaged in the organization of electronic trading

Additionally, the draft law establishes new requirements for sending a commercial offer and the acceptance of commercial offers. It also introduces a regulation on the registration of invoices and other documents.

The draft law also introduces rules on state regulation in e-commerce by an authorized government body.

The proposed law will be subject to discussion with various government ministries as well as members of the public.