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Monday, July 16, 2018

Calligraphy awards ceremony held at ProCredit Bank

ProCredit Bank hosted the Georgian calligraphy contest awards ceremony at its head office on Tuesday, exhibiting the work of the winners.

The contest was held on November 6 and consisted of three stages. The winners were named on Tuesday. The calligraphy of the winners and other distinguished contestants was exhibited at ProCredit Bank's head office.

The contest was meant to showcase and renew public interest in the beauty of Georgian calligraphy and manuscripts.

"I am pleased that ProCredit Bank's head office is host to such an interesting and important event," Ketevan Burduli, the director of ProCredit Bank, said. "Georgian manuscripts have a centuries-long history. That is why all of us should do our best to continue and preserve this tradition for future generations,"

The bank said it has always been active in supporting cultural projects in its 15 years of operation.

ProCredit Bank is a member of the ProCredit Group, which owns majority stakes in 19 countries in the Americas, Africa, and Europe.