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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Didier Hauguel named chairman of Rosbank's board of directors

Rosbank's board of directors recently met to elect Didier Hauguel chairman of the board.

Hauguel has served as a member of the board since July 2010. In May 2012, he took the position of chairman and as Societe Generale's chief country officer for Russia.

The extraordinary meeting of shareholders, held on March 6, also saw the addition of Rosbank CEO Dmitry Olyunin to the board of directors. Olyunin was appointed chairman of the Rosbank management board on December 2.

The reelections reflected recent changes in the bank's joint stock capital. Societe Generale Group acquired the VTB Group's 10 percent stake in December in order to strengthen its commitment to the Russian market. Societe Generale Group is the bank's major shareholder, which resulted in increasing the share in the bank's equity capital to 92.4 percent.

March 11 marks Dmitry Olyunin's first 100 days in office.