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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Bank Vozrozhdenie ranked ninth in mortgage lending

The Rusipoteka Analytical Center on Mortgage and Securitization recently ranked Bank Vozrozhdenie ninth among leading banks in terms of mortgage lending for the year 2013.

The ranking is based on Bank Vozrozhdenie's 2013 performance. During that period, the bank issued mortgage loans on $40 million, marking a 22 percent increase when compared with the previous year.

Bank Vozrozhdenie works with primary and secondary housing markets.

"On mortgage loans we actively cooperate with our partners- constructors, real estate agencies. In 2013, loans on primary market comprised 80% of our portfolio. On this type of loans we go straight after the leading state banks with the 4th rank among all Russian players," Evgeniy Dmitriev, the head of the retail business department, said.

Bank Vozrozhdenie bank offers personal banking and business services to clients throughout the Russian Federation. It has 142 locations and more than 800 ATMs.