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Monday, January 22, 2018

VTB to hold more than 70 meetings with shareholders in 2014

VTB Group held an investor day in Tyumen on March 1 to present the results of its work in 2013 and to outline plans for 2014.

VTB held approximately 50 events for investors last year, including seminars, investor days, open days at VTB offices and meetings of the VTB Shareholders Consultative Council.

More meetings are scheduled this year, with more than 70 events across Russia. During the year, VTB representatives will visit most of the regions in the country.

"VTB is the only Russian publicly traded company to interact with investors so actively and regularly," Vladimir Khotkin, the head of VTB Bank's shareholder relations service, said. "Investor confidence is essential for the bank's growth, and we will remain as open and active as possible, especially during these difficult economic times."

VTB Group will hold events for investors and shareholders in Moscow, Volgograd, St Petersburg, Perm and Surgut this month.