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Monday, June 18, 2018

Kubiv: National Bank of Ukraine says remains in communication with all banks

Newly appointed Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv issued a statement this week highlighting the bank's professional staff and important systems, including its SEP, NSMEP and open market operations.

Kubiv assured customers that the bank is in control of the sector and is maintaining two-way communication with all banks. The bank is also analyzing gold and foreign reserves, which the governor said are under control and manageable.

The note also highlighted the importance of protecting depositors' interests and resuming talks with foreign creditors once a new Ukrainian government is formed. The bank also anticipates the approval of an ambitious and clear plan toward reforming the economy and the financial sector.

The bank assured citizens that it would be taking urgent steps toward providing liquidity to banks while also ensuring that loans come with tougher conditions on transparency and control over their utilization.

The National Bank of Ukraine will also take a tough line on banks violating requirements, according to the letter.