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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pravex Bank promotes its profitable interest rates

The Pravex-Record current account from Pravex-Bank is offering profitable interest rates in all currencies.

Accounts in U.S. dollars will see a rate of 8 percent p.a. Accounts in Euro will have a rate of 7 percent and accounts in UAH will have a rate of 15 percent.

The accounts are also credited weekly with interest income that is capitalized on a monthly basis.

Pravex-Record offers services for clients who prefer freely withdrawing and disposing their money at any time they wish. The bank allows customers to replenish savings accounts and withdraw cash completely free of charge at any of the bank's 260 locations in Ukraine.

"Depositing free funds at very profitable interests, our clients multiply and protect their money from inflation and theft. As a result, the product offered in combination with reliability and stability of Pravex-Bank ensures the client to be confident in safety and multiplication of their funds. Having taken into account the fact that the client is free to easily dispose his/her funds, the popularity and profitability of this product is obvious. Our Bank guarantees safety of funds, which are entrusted to us by citizens, and the main advantages of our deposits are transparency of all terms and conditions for each type of deposit and simplicity in combination with multi-functionality," Semion Babayev, the head of the retail department of Pravex-Bank, said.