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Friday, January 18, 2019

PIN-code changing service launched by Bank of Moscow

The Bank of Moscow recently launched a new service for card holders that allows customers to program PIN-codes for debit and credit cards at any time through the call center.

Upon receipt of a new card, customers can set up any four-digit combination for a nominal fee. For premium class cards, the service is free of charge.

"The possibility of setting up one's own PIN-code means additional comfort to customers, because there will be no difficulties in memorizing the code, and the use of cards will become even easier. For implementing such services, we first of all would like the Bank of Moscow card to be number one in our customers' wallets," Ivan Pyatkov, the Bank of Moscow's distant service and sales department director, said.

The Bank of Moscow is the fifth largest bank in Russia, providing banking services to both corporations and individuals. The bank currently provides services to more than 100,000 corporate customers and more than 7 million citizens.