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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Bank of Moscow removes commission from withdrawals at Leto Bank ATMs

Bank of Moscow customers will no longer be charged for using Leto Bank ATMs.

Leto Bank has ATMs in more than 160 locations throughout Russia. In total, there are 11,000 ATMs in the united network of VTB24, the Bank of Moscow and Leto Bank.

"Increasing the services availability is one of the key goals of a modern bank. Association with VTB financial group allows us to use the capacities of all its participants in favor of customers. And this certainly significantly improves customer service quality," Natalia Konovalova, the vice-president of the Bank of Moscow retail products department, said.

The Bank of Moscow is a leading universal commercial bank in Russia. Its key shareholder is the VTB Group. The bank is dedicated to strong client confidence and is working to expand its customer base in both retail and corporate areas.

The Bank of Moscow has 284 offices and is located in most of the country's major economic centers.