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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Bank of Moscow builds new data processing center

Construction of a failure-resistant data processing center in the center of Moscow was recently completed by the Bank of Moscow and Jet Infosystems.

The Bank of Moscow created the data processing center in order to increase its equipment quantity. The center will also ensure IT-infrastructure development and its convenient use.

The bank chose a building in its ownership which was constructed in 1897 in the Boulevard ring area as the site for the new center. Significant changes needed to be made to the structure before implementing the center, which is why Jet Infosystems' tender was chosen as the project's main contractor.

"The project was peculiar because it required to comply with both Russian and international quality standards at the same time, considering the bank's needs and objective restrictions existing in the city center," Sergey Andronov, the network solutions director of Jet Infosystems Centre said. "After a careful analysis of the existing conditions and working out solutions for each subsystem and for the whole complex we managed to find the golden mean that suited both the customer and the approving bodies."