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Saturday, January 20, 2018

VTB managers to train at St. Petersburg Graduate School of Management

VTB and St. Petersburg University Graduate School of Management recently launched an advanced corporate training program called New Energy for Leadership.

Leading GSM faculty members with both academic and business experience developed the program for VTB Bank's senior managers. This year, 52 of them will enter the program, which takes 1.5 years and includes seven full-time modules as well as intense distance-learning courses in leadership, team-building, and change and risk management.

Andrey Kostin, the president and chairman of the VTB management board, spoke at the launch ceremony for the program.

"I have always believed that knowing how to talk to people is crucial for bankers. The New Energy for Leadership program will teach the skills of leadership, persuasion and compromise, and how to deal with people. I'm confident that the program's graduates will put their newly acquired skills and knowledge to work at VTB Bank," Kostin said.

After the opening ceremony, Kostin gave a lecture on the corporate bond market for GSM graduate students including practical examples from the experience of VTB and VTB Capital.