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Monday, January 22, 2018

Bank of Moscow offers cashless payments at auto impounds

The Bank of Moscow recently launched a service offering cashless payments at auto impounds in Moscow through payment kiosks.

The service allows customers to pay for violations and recover their vehicle using credit cards. Previously, customers were required to pay in cash.

Fines for towing and parking usually exceed $200. The ability to make cashless payments offers more convenience for those involved with the transaction.

The electronic system also allows for the immediate updating of the payment information to the state information system on national and municipal payments.

The Moscow City Transport Agency implemented the project with Eleksnet supplying the equipment and Uniteller company supplying the software. The Bank of Moscow acts as the settlement bank and the acquiring bank. The list of services offered at the kiosks is expected to grow.

"During preparation of this project the bank tried, in the first place, to provide the nationals with the convenient way for immediate cashless payment for charges on return of the arrested vehicles," Vadim Izotov, the head of the directorate of state, regional and municipal electronic products at the bank of Moscow, said. "Together with the Moscow government the bank regularly takes measures on the increasing of the amount of payment instruments for the clients' convenience, actively introducing the state-of-the-art technologies."