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Friday, October 19, 2018

Bank of Moscow recognized as bank of the year in Podolsk

The Bank of Moscow was recently recognized as the bank of the year in Podolsk in the Moscow Oblast because of its contribution to the city's development.

The bank supports small and medium-sized enterprises in Podolsk, with more than 1200 SMEs, including municipal and public sector organizations, as clients.

The bank finances several reconstruction and modernization projects in Podolsk. The city was the first in Moscow Oblast to implement a project for replacing street lights with energy-saving lamps using a credit line of $9.3 million from the Podolsk branch of the Bank of Moscow.

""The support of the Moscow area is for the Bank of Moscow the strategically important line of business. We are ready to suggest different variants of cooperation, facilitating the solution of social and economic tasks of Podolsk, as well as of the whole Moscow Oblast," Maksim Kokorin, the vice-president of the Bank of Moscow, said.