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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Baltic Bank International ends contract with Moody's

Baltic International Bank will cease using Moody's Investor Services as an international rating agency.

The agency-assigned ratings will remain at the current level following the ending of the contract.

"Our vision of the criteria for evaluating banking performance is quite different, because the criteria don't take account of bank-specific activity and customer focus. This is the primary reason behind terminating the cooperation with Moody's. In our case, assessments provided by the ratings agencies fail to give an unbiased view of the bank's performance. We'll continue providing a broad range of information to our clients, partners and community to keep them informed of the bank's performance and development," Ilona Gulchak, the chairperson of the board, said.

Baltic International Bank offers such advantages as a bespoke approach, stable partnership and top-level services specifically geared to growing its clients' wealth.

The bank has overseas operations in London, Moscow and Kyiv.