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Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Bank of Moscow launches new fund-transfer site

The Bank of Moscow recently launched a new service on their website allowing customers to transfer funds from cards through other banks.

Customers will be able to transfer funds to family and friends through the new service, which is available on the Bank of Moscow website.

Customers can use their Bank of Moscow bank card and another card issued by another Russian bank to transfer funds, which will be debited in a way similar to making a retail purchase online. The cash can be accessed at any cash point of the fund transfer system.

Systems such as Contact and Leader offer transfers using cash points in more than 150 countries.

With the Bank of Moscow service, customers simply require access to the Bank of Moscow site.

"The Bank of Moscow focuses its development on modern technologies and innovation. We are happy to offer users visiting our site an easy and convenient way to transfer funds to their family, friends and partners just from their home," Natalia Konovalova, the vice-president and director of the Bank of Moscow Retail products department, said. "The service makes fund transfers easy and convenient."