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Saturday, January 20, 2018

AtaBank announces 2013 results

AtaBank, one of the largest commercial banks in Azerbaijan, recently announced successful financial and economic results for 2013, with growth of 30.4 percent.

Overall assets increased by $111.5 million, from $367.35 million to $478.86 million. Its credit portfolio grew by 28.3 percent, or $68 million, to $308.7 million while its overall deposit portfolio grew by 30.9 percent, or $96.05 million, to $407.08 million.

By the end of the year, return on assets and return on capital were 1.8 percent and 19.4 percent, respectively.

Net profits for the bank totaled $7.15 million.

AtaBank also plans to open several new branches and offices and upgrade its international ratings.