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Monday, June 18, 2018

Pravex offers special car loan program for women

Ukraine's Pravex Bank will offer a new "Women's Drive" car loan program beginning on Mar. 8.

The program was developed to keep in mind the needs of each category of potential borrowers. It offers conditions that foresee disbursement of an advantageous car loan for seven years with a 9.25 percent p.a. interest rate. The offer also includes the opportunity to add the price of the KASKO certificate of insurance to the amount of the car loan.

There are no commissions on the offer, which Pravex says makes it one of the cheapest loans on the market.

The program can be applied for the purchase of a car at any car dealer office and is valid for all cars.

Pravex is also offering a special $50 certificate for the first 50 borrowers, which can be used to purchase cosmetics and perfume from Brocard shops.

The offer is valid through Mar. 31.