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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Bank of Moscow offers financing to Orenburg Oblast food company Orenburgoblprodcontract

The Bank of Moscow has extended an $11.5 million revolving credit line to Orenburgoblprodcontract, a state unitary enterprise in Orenburg Oblast.

The credit line, with a term of one year, was opened to finance the purchase of fertilizers, plant protection products, seeds, petroleum, oil and lubricants, meat, grain, and oil crops.

Founded in 1993, Orenburgoblprodcontract has been included into the list of strategically important enterprises of the Orenburg Oblast. It functions as a territorial food corporation and fulfills federal and regional orders for the purchase and delivery of agricultural products and food.

"The Bank of Moscow considers participation in projects ensuring economic development of the regions of the Russian Federation as a high priority and strategically important objective. Within the framework of developing this strategy and supporting producers in Orenburg Oblast we offered the most convenient conditions of financing and service to our customer when we put into life the deal with Orenburgoblprodcontract," Evgeny Monin, the Bank of Moscow's director of corporate sales, said.