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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Bank Saint Petersburg approves nominees for supervisory board

The supervisory board of Bank Saint Petersburg has approved a list of 13 candidates to be elected to the board at the 2014 annual general shareholders' meeting.

The nominees include Susan Gail Buyske, Andrey P. Bychkov, Vladimir A. Garyugin, Alexey A. Germanovich, Vladislav S. Guz, Andrey T. Ibragimov. Elena V. Ivannikova, Felix V. Karmazinov, Nina V. Kukuruzova, Marlen G. Manasov, Alexander I. Polukeyev, Alexander V. Pustovalov and Alexander V. Savelyev.

Indrek Neivelt, the chairman of the Supervisory Board, will not stand for reelection but will continue to act as chairman until the AGM.

"I was honored to be the chairman of the supervisory board for eight continuous years, trying to invest even more effort than is normally expected from a chairman. My initial plan was to stay with the bank for four years, but our cooperation has lasted twice as much. Those were very exciting years: the bank grew 15-fold, was earning profit annually and went public. Today I am leaving a strong regional bank with a solid position in the market and an outstanding management team," Neivelt said.

The new chairman of the supervisory board will be elected from among the supervisory board members approved by the bank's annual general shareholders' meeting.