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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bank Saint Petersburg announces preliminary FY 2013 results

Bank Saint Petersburg has announced its preliminary FY 2013 results under the Russian accounting standards.

Net income increased four times compared to FY 2012 to $96.5 million, while net interest income increased by 19 percent compared to FY 2012 to $380.5 million.

Loan portfolio increased during FY 2013 by 13 percent to $7.57 billion, while retail loan portfolio increased by 60 percent to $1.2 billion and retail customer deposits during FY 2013 increased by 22 percent to $3.33 billion.

As at Jan. 1, the bank's capital adequacy ratio (N1) amounted to 13.9 percent.

Bank Saint Petersburg is ranked 14th in terms of assets and 15th in terms of retail deposits among Russian banks, according to Interfax rankings.

The bank provides services to approximately 1.4 million individuals and 43,000 corporate clients. It has issued 793,000 cards and has a card network comprised of 599 ATMs.