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Sunday, March 24, 2019

First Ukrainian International Bank among web leaders by openness to investors

First Ukrainian International Bank is among the companies whose corporate website has been recognized as one of the best in Ukraine from the standpoint of openness to investors, according to a new survey.

Based on the findings of the IR Online in Ukraine survey conducted by Concorde Capital, FUIB's website was rated "Exemplary."

In addition, the bank's corporate website has been recognized as the best among the banks in Ukraine and praised as the only one that is available in three full-scale language versions - Ukrainian, Russian and English.

"Recognition and high evaluations is the best demonstration of the attention that FUIB devotes to investors, analysts, business partners. We are confident that the systematic and continuous implementation of the IR policy brings palpable dividends to both investors and shareholders," Sergey Zubro, the head of international financing and transactions structuring at FUIB, said. "At the same time, the return from implementation of the successful IR policy is considerably higher than the resources that we put into it."