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Friday, August 23, 2019

Kapital Bank ends "50 AzN per month" campaign

Kapital Bank recently named the winners of its "50 AzN per month" prize campaign, which was launched on Oct. 1.

The bank transferred $64.18 to the accounts of 100 winners as part o the "Donated Payments and 50 AzN per month!" campaign.

The campaign encouraged non-cash payments through the use of Kapital Bank Visa cards. Individuals who used their cards for such transactions were entered into the lottery.

Among banks in Azerbaijan, Kapital Bank has the largest network with a total of 89 branches and 11 units.

Kapital Bank works to satisfy the needs of its stakeholders by providing a full spectrum of banking services to individuals, as well as legal and government entities. It also works to foster the economic development of the country through investments.

The bank was first established in 2000 as the United Universal Joint-Stock Bank. It became Kapital Bank in January 2005.