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Friday, November 16, 2018

Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan pays tribute to victims of Jan. 20 tragedy

The Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan held a meeting to mark the 24th anniversary of the Jan. 20, 1990, massacre of civilians.

The bank "paid tribute to the memories of Azerbaijani boys and girls who gave their lives for the freedom and sovereignty of our motherland," it said in a release. "Although the tragedy became the bloodiest page in Azerbaijan's history, it proved that our people remain committed to traditions of heroism, and are ready to sacrifice their lives for the country's independence and freedom."

The bank also touted the country's economic progress.

"Since the early 21st century, the Azerbaijani economy has been growing rapidly and is currently dynamic, stable and sustainable. During our first struggles for independence, it was just a dream to have a sovereign, politically and socio-economically strong Azerbaijan. Today, our statehood and economy enjoy their own script and growth model," the bank said.