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Sunday, February 25, 2018

BTA Bank offers fast transactions, chance to win free gifts

Armenia's Armbusinessbank is extending a special offer to customers allowing them to make transactions through Unistream, Anelik, Intel Express, CoinStar, Money Gram, Ria and Avers and to qualify for free gifts.

After making three transactions using one of the systems, customers will have the chance to win a free trip to Spain for two, including airfare, hotel and breakfast.

The promotion is valid until Jan. 31.

BTA Bank offers a full range of banking services, including deposits and transfers, credit and debit cards, bank guarantees, insurance, securities transactions, and financial operations in the interbank market.

The bank is wholly owned by Chrystie Management, a bank holding company based in the British Virgin Isles, which has 35,000 shares.

Headquartered in Yerevan, BTA Bank has branches throughout Armenia.