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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Valeri Belokon publishes comment on economic development in Ukraine and Central Asia

Valeri Belokon, the chairperson of the council and main shareholder of Baltic International Bank recently published an article commenting on the ongoing processes and relationship to economic development in the Ukraine and Central Asia.

The comment on the importance of education and corporate social responsibility as a way of paving a pathway to independence and prosperity was published in "The Truman Doctrine Blog" and on the site

"However this crisis plays out, the country's ultimate success depends on more than just the economic support of one power or another. It depends on the ability of its own people to develop and sustain a thriving free market economy," Belokon said.

"The Truman Doctrine Blog" is an ezine dedicated to the Truman Doctrine, which lays out U.S. foreign policy principles as written by U.S. President Harry S Truman in his address to Congress.

Notable politicians, economists and public figures use the Truman Doctrine Blog to comment on international social security, democracy and economic development. is an independent ezine dedicated to European affairs.