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Thursday, June 21, 2018

BTA Bank integrates Faster money transfer with AVERS

BTA Bank's Faster money transfer system has been completely integrated with the AVERS system of Finances and Credit Ukrainian Bank.

The integration of Faster has helped to expand the geography of money transfer service outlets for the bank's customers while also increasing the bank's speed and reliability.

BTA's customers will be offered Faster service in Kazakhstan and other countries. It also will expand the opportunities for money transfer at Ukrainian AVERS system outlets.

The bank has long been focused on the gradual expansion of geography for money transfers. The bank's network now covers more than 24 near and far abroad countries thanks to integration with such systems as Golden Crown, Intel Express Money Transfers Worldwide and Caspian Money Transfer.

The Faster money transfer system offers high speed service that takes only one minute for a transfer, which can be made in four currencies - tenge, Russian rubles, U.S. dollars and Euro. Conversions are made at a rate favorable to the customer.