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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

AtaBank rewards winners of Facebook competition

Facebook fans of AtaBank were recently rewarded with valuable prizes as part of a promotion from the bank.

Fans including Sabuhi Jumshud , Aynur Bennayeva, Gulustan Gahramanova, Ilaha Rahimli, Elmira Azizova, Sevgi Huseynova and Ulkar Jafarova were distinguished for their activity on the page.

The AtaBank Facebook page has been active for several months. The site gives customers access to information about the bank's new products and tariffs, as well as campaigns and social service projects being undertaken by the bank.

The page also holds competitions that direct participants on how to act in order to win valuable prizes.

The bank recently began a new campaign on its Facebook page titled "New Year, New Chance."

Atabank also has official pages on such social media sites as Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and Google+.

Atabank is one of the largest commercial banks in Azerbaijan. It offers high-tech universal banking for corporate and private clients.