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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Belarusbank sets promotion interest rates

Belarusbank has set an incentive accrual of interest income on certain term bank deposits in Belarusian rubles for Jan. 1.

The accrual for a savings account will be at 18 percent per annum. "Your Choice" accounts will have a rate of 17 percent per annum, regardless of the daily balance of the deposit.

There will be a 19 percent per annum accrual on "premium-cumulative" child accounts while the "Classic Plus" account will have a rate of 17.7 percent per annum.

The accrual of interest income on the accounts acts as an incentive for daily actual balances during the period of Jan. 1 or the date of deposit after the specified date on Jan. 30.

The interest rate can be changed unilaterally by the bank for deposits. Changes will be made in accordance with the contracts of bank deposits.