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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Alfa-Bank improves website access to information for corporate clients

Alfa-Bank, the largest private commercial bank in Russia, has updated its website to make it easier and more convenient for corporate customers to obtain information on the bank's services and products.

The website has a new section with information grouped into six main sections - cash and settlement services, cash management, available funds, funding, FEA service and service for business.

"In developing the resource, we set out to make the journey to the site as comfortable and convenient," Sergey Martynenko, the development director of transactional business at Alfa-Bank, said. "We aim to accurately reflect the diversity of product solutions and services of Alfa Bank. The website is our calling card, and the first impression plays a very important role, especially for the potential client. In the future, in the process of launching new products and services, we will continuously improve this section."

Headquartered in Moscow, Alfa-Bank operates in seven countries, providing financial services to more than 40,000 active corporate customers and 5.3 million retail clients.