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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bank Revival to collaborate with Moscow region administration

Bank Revival has won the right to cooperate with the district administration of the Moscow Region as the result of a recent auction completed in Nov.

The auction was for the provision of banking services in 2014 for the financial management and administration of the Moscow region municipalities of Instrinskiy, Lenin, Shatourskiy and the Kashyrsky municipal districts, the urban settlement of Mytishi, and the railway and urban districts of Khimki.

Bank Revival offers an extensive network of offices and a wide range of services, including its own transport service. The bank will be collaborating with the municipal administration of the Moscow region for no longer than one year.

According to Irina Semenova, the head of the corporate business department, Bank Revival was chosen based on years of successful operations, comprehensive banking services and responsiveness, along with a fair price.