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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

PrivatBank installs self-service banking terminals network

PrivatBank has begun installing a network of self-service banking terminals and will allow managers of Ukrainian trading companies to request a unit online at the Privat website.

The national network of self-service banking outlets will allow owners to offer additional services to customers while also giving them access to modern banking services at their convenience.

"Today the bank terminal, where you can get almost any banking service without breaks and weekends, it becomes an essential element in the same trade-related infrastructure as an ATM or terminal for receiving a card at the checkout," head of the Department for Development and ATM Terminal Network Bank Igor Crayons, said. "We actively establish self-service terminals exactly where they are needed most - in the 'sleeping' areas of cities, small towns and rural areas, and now offer our clients to choose the installation location of the new terminal."

Privat terminals are currently mostly available at banks. They offer such services as mobile and payment card recharging, loan deposits, utility and bill payment, remittance sending and receiving, and currency purchases. They can also be used to buy train tickets, bus fare, tickets to football games and other services.

The self-service terminals can also be stationed in shopping and entertainment centers, shops or other service points.

Privat's self-service banking network is the largest in the Ukraine with more than 10,000 installed terminals. The bank plans to install several thousand more through the first half of 2014.