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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Russian Standard Bank develops offer with MasterCard payment system

Master-Bank's affiliates are able to transfer their special programs of card issue and acquiring to Russian Standard Bank as of Nov. 29 as part of a special offer from Russian Standard Bank and MasterCard payment systems.

"The prompt response of the large Russian sponsoring banks and their special offers are very important in current circumstances. Russian Standard Bank has been providing for several years extra-professional sponsor services to MasterCard's banks-affiliates. On the part of MasterCard, we are going to support all the coming offers by providing support in accelerating preparation of all documents and certification in payment system," Ilya Ryabiy, the head of MasterCard in Russia, said.

The offer allows Master-Bank's affiliates to open their correspondent accounts in Russian Standard Bank, undergo a verification procedure and prepare documents for certification in the payment system all within one day.

"Russian Standard Bank due to its high level of technical capabilities is ready for new partnership with new affiliates," Ivan Glazachev, the director of the acquiring department of Russian Standard Bank, said. "Also it is able to start collaboration in tight deadlines with all ex-Master-Bank's partners, who have issued the MasterCard cards and provided its acceptance in points of sales. By choosing Russian Standard bank as a sponsor the ex-Master-Bank's affiliates will be able to restart their work as soon as possible."